Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Blog Moving...

I have decided to move this campaign blog as well as any other activities involved with AncMed era wargaming to my main blog here: Adventures with Gun, Sabre & Horse I do hope you will follow the my adventures there. The Armies here will have their own campaign page there soon and perhaps more activity in the future.  I will leave the blog up for as long as google will host it. Thank you for being my guest here for so many years and again please come over to my main blog for further adventures.

A. Jeff Butler,
the Brigadier General of Toy Soldiers.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

One Hour Wargames: Scenario 3 Control the River

First Ancients Wargame of 2016. 15mm. One Hour Wargame Rules. Romans vs Gauls. Scenario: Hold the River Crossings.  Each miniature army is part of a larger force that has been detailed to capture and hold two vital river fords.

The battle came down to the wire. It looked like it might be a draw but on the bottom half of Turn 15 (the last turn) the Romans on the right ford killed the Gauls that were holding that side of the river.


I took more pictures but the battlefield didn't change much except for unit removal as both sides attempted to remain at the ford crossings.

I've misplaced my rulebook so I had to spend the extra $3 and pick up the Kindle version. Thank you Amazon!

The Gauls start the battle deployed on the Northern edge and advance.
The Romans arrive and the Tribune orders the Cavalry to seize the fords at once.

The Roman Ballistae Battery opens up.

The ballistae continues to rain death on the approaching Gauls.

The Roman commander hovered between both fords to direct the battle and to serve as a ready reserve should one side fall.

On the bottom half of turn 15 the Roman unit killed the Gauls holding the ford.