Friday, October 17, 2014

October Test Battle of Legatus Ancient Battles: Romans vs. Celts

First off I apologize for the picture order. I took too many and now can't remember their exact order but it's pretty close.  This battle saw the new Ambush rule used by skirmishers; also this battle is unique as the first solo game so far to result in the default initiative being awarded to the player from a tie result.

Lessons learned from this game. Units do not suffer a FP for simply being in difficult ground (DG) but will receive an FP if in DG and fights in combat even if victorious.  One Celtic WB had 2FP, was flanked by a Roman HF while in DG. Their next engagement resulted in their doom.

Romans win 4 - 0.  Romans lost all 3 of their skirmish units but skirmishers only affect cohesion and not count towards army loss.

The Celtic Horde

The Celtic line following deployment. They kept one skirmisher in reserve.

The Roman War Machine!

View from the Roman lines.

The lone Celtic skirmisher reserve.

Romans move first but advance cautiously.

Celts bring it on ready to fight.

Celtic Skirmisher unit enters Difficult Ground. This triggers the Ambush rule by the Romans and they successfully deploy one of their on skirmisher units.  This in turn triggered the Celtic use of the same rule as they deployed their reserve skirmisher behind the Romans.

The ambush used by the Celts as a counter-attack worked well and the Roman skirmishers were dispersed.

End of Turn 1.

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Celtic Light Chariots (LCH) vs. Roman Light Foot (LF). Celts 9 Romans 8, the LF must fall back 1 and suffer 1FP.

Again Roman LF is pushed back.

Celtic skirmishers charge out of the woods on the Roman Cavalry but are easily dispersed.

Celt LCH drives back a Roman MC.

Roman LF continues to be driven back on the right flank.

More bad news for the LF.

First match up on the right flank.

Celtic Warband (WB) advances down the hill and drives a unit of legionaries back.

LF getting beaten up.

LF tries to be sneaky and falls back knowing the LCH will advance.  Tactic failed as Celtic reinforcements smashed the LF front line.

Initiative ties favor the player.

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