Friday, April 4, 2014

Introducing: Arkanacus Austonian Caesar, Jovian General

Arkanacus Austonian Caesar is a military officer and statesman of the Jovian Republic.  He was awarded, by the Jovian Senate and the Magnus Matrex the governorship of Alpine Aurok in the 3rd year of the consulship of Gaius Marius.  Austonian has a had a remarkable military career.  Joining the army at a young age and quickly rising through its ranks to become the youngest man in the history of Jove to command a legion.

He entered the army as a junior tribune to his uncle Germanicus Caesar during his punitive expedition against the Phittites and later on his disastrous punitive campaign in Aegypt.  It was in Aegypt where Austonian would rise to the rank of General and command the VII Legion.  At first Germanicus' campaign in Aegypt was a success followed by a succession of quick victories against the Aegyptians.  However after a few months the tide began to turn against the 7th, being so far from supply and reinforcement.  The 7th lost their battle at Aczun and began to be pushed back towards their landing point at the harbor of the holy city of Pi-Ramesses.  It was there while observing the enemy from the walls of Pi-Ramesses that the Legatus Germanicus was struck down by an Aegyptian arrow in the eye.  Austonian was the last remaining tribune as the 7th had suffered many casualties on their long retreat from Aczun.  Knowing there was little hope of escape Austonian turned to more devious measures.  He had his men round up all the priests and temple virgins of the city.  He displayed them on the walls and sent word to the Aegyptian Pharaoh Ramesses the VIII that he would kill the captives, tear down the temples, burn their great library with all its thousands of years of history and then set fire to the city if the 7th was not granted safe passage to leave.  To show his resolve, when the Pharaoh failed to send a reply in the time that Austonian had allotted he ordered that a priest be launched over the walls from a catapult and into the enemy siege lines below.  This caused a deep panic in the Aegyptian forces for they are a very superstitious folk.  This action forced the Pharaohs hand and he guaranteed safe passage to the 7th.  Wasting no time Austonian quickly ordered his men into the boats and set sail for Jove within the hour. The men of the 7th were so grateful that Austonian had saved them from death and slavery that they named him their new Legate, which was entirely honorary as only the Senate with the Magnus Matrex can grant such titles.  On their return voyage one of the ships of the the 7th was attacked and captured by pirates.  Austonian led the fleet to the island where the captives were being held and then conducted a daring rescue operation.  Before they left Austonian crucified all of the pirates on the island's shore.

Upon the 7ths return home, Austonian was confirmed by the Senate and the Magnus Matrex as the Legatus Legio VII, awarded the Civic Crown and bestowed with lands in Alpine Aurok for him and his men.  Two years later after the 7th had moved to Alpine Aurok and setup several new forts there, Austonian was given the command of the entire province.  This placed several legions under his command, the 7th, 8th, 10th and 13th.

Austonian Caesar and his Jovian Eagle Romulus.

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