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Battle Report: Jovian Legio VII vs. Hellions Auroks Tribe

In Alpine Aurok the Aluvati tribe is allied with Jove.  The Aluvati's began to suffer from incursions by the Hellions tribe whom are enemies of both the Aluvati and of Jove.  The Aluvati chieftans presented themselves before Austonian Caesar complaining that it was not right for his army to be standing around while the Aluvati were losing their property and their children to slavery with the Hellions.  Caesar knew that he could not allow the Hellions to advance deeper into Alpine Aurok and did not want the Aluvati  to turn from him or lose their loyalty.  So he ordered the VII to mobilize and left camp in search of the Hellions.  After about 3 days Aluvati & Jovian scouts reported finding the enemy camp.

From Caesars Commentaries...
"I sent an emissary to the Hellion camp asking them to meet with me. I demanded that they stop their incursions into Alpine Aurok, to return all the slaves they had captured and to pay retribution to the Aluvati for their losses.  Further I insisted that they move their army back to their side of Aurok and not to risk a return. Failure to comply with these requests and I would be forced by the laws and traditions of Jove to make war upon them."

Their reply was as follows.  You are the invader here and our campaign against the Aluvati is in recompense for their incursions upon us.  You can attack whenever you like.  You would do well to remember that we've dealt with Jovian soldiers before and their skulls adorn the trees of our forests as warnings against further intrusion.

"I could see no good use in sending another reply so I ordered the VII to break camp and march upon the Hellions at once."

This was another test of my home based rules that I've titled: "Legatus Ancient Battles."  The battle played out a little long and some of the mechanics are still clunky but that's what a playtest is for. To find these problems and resolve them.  Game play was on a 2' square battlefield with a D20 for the Cohesion Die and 2d6 each of a different color, 1 for each side, to conduct the fighting.

The Auroks from the Hellion Tribe.

Legio VII.

Closer view of the Auroks line.

I deployed my side and then used my solo-AI mechanics to deploy the Auroks.

The battlefield consisted of 3 terrain elements of difficult ground spread in a line so as to give each board quarter one element of terrain.
The Auroks force consisted of:
  • Army General
  • Warband x6
  • Skirmishers x4
  • Medium Cavalry x2
  • Light Chariots x2
The Jovian Legion consisted of:
  • Army General
  • Heavy Foot x7
  • Skirmishers x3
  • Light Foot x2
  • Medium Cavalry x2
The Auroks won initiative and moved their forces forward except for one unit of Light Chariots, I suppose its commander wasn't fully committed to the battle yet.  It was clear from the deployment of the Auroks that they intended to flank the VII with their chariots while their warband dealt with the Jovian main line.  The VII noticed the trick and ordered their cavalry to intercept however there must have been some confusion in the orders because the cavalry commanders did nothing.
The Auroks and Jovians advance.

The VII halts their advance while the Auroks continue their drive.
The VII advanced a little and then Caesar halted his legion rather than risk fighting in the difficult ground.  The Auroks could begin to be seen coming over and around the hill.  A unit of Jovian & Aurok Skirmishers engaged one another with the Auroks dispersing the Jovians.  Loss Tracker: Jovians 1, Auroks 0. Number to lose battle: 5.

The Auroks cover the hill.  The Aurok chieftan can be seen with his cavalry bodyguard behind the hill.
The Auroks continued their advance but became disorganized in the difficult ground.  However they soldiered on and pressed their attack.  Combat was taking place between the skirmishing force of both sides with losses mounting.

View from the back of the Jovian line.
The Jovian light foot charge out in an attempt to disperse the Aurok skirmishers on their side of the battlefield.  While a unit of heavy foot takes some light casualties.  However they quickly shrugged this off with the Caesar in their midst to motivate them.

The Jovian cavalry began to move but it was a little late.  Caesar was forced to send 2 units of heavy foot to deal with the approaching chariots.

The Jovian Auxiliary troops (light foot) are able to kill most of the skirmishers and disperse the rest from their area. 

The Auroks continue their advance and the battle begins to heat up as both chariots arrive on the Jovian left flank.

The Jovian Legionnaires push back the Aurok chariots.  While the cavalry moves to flank them.

Finally the Jovian Cavalry gets in on the action!  This proved too much for the charioteers.

The main battle line began to form, the Jovian skirmishers were quickly dispersed.

The Jovian Light Foot kept up the pressure on the Aurok warband in upper part of picture.  While the Jovian Heavy Foot though pushed back where able to come back and take out the enemy warband to their front.

Final moments of the battle.

The Jovian Auxiliary proved themselves as capable fighters as their legionnaire brothers!  For this action Caesar would later grant them full Jovian citizenship and made them all legionnaires.

The battlefield becomes a chaotic bloody mess.

The Jovian cavalry commander Lucentus Pivotus holds his force back.  Caesar had reckoned him to be a good soldier, based on the mans past service but todays action cast a pale shadow over his career.  After the battle Lucentus was quietly retired by Caesar and sent back to Jove accompanying the carts of slaves taken from the battle.

Auork chariots allowed themselves to be caught between the Jovian Heavy Foot and difficult ground!

At last the battle has ended, Jovia Victor! Caesar praised his men for their gallantry and allowed them to sack a nearby Jovian village for plunder and slaves.

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