Friday, April 11, 2014

Battle of the Weingarten Forest

While on the march during his campaign against the Hellions, Caesars army was ambushed by the murderous leader of the Hellions, Geteraix.  However the Jovians recovered quickly.  Caesar had promised his men a boon once they killed Geteraix and destroyed his army, no doubt this helped motivate them.  But alas, Geteraix would not die today.  In fact it was Caesar himself whom nearly died halfway through the battle while leading his cavalry.  He was narrowly saved by one of his officers.  Caesars second in command, General Quintus Ludicreas took command and managed to fight the battle to a draw.  You could say it was a Jovian Pyrrhic victory but the Auroks paid a heavy price.  Seeing their warbands destroyed some of Geteraixs cheiftans fled the field with his cavalry and he reluctantly followed.

Centurions rally the men to repel the attackers.

Once they had returned to their camp, the legions doctors and medical staff tirelessly went to work to save Caesar.  He lay in bed unconscious for 3 days, awaking on the 4th to find that the battle had been very costly to both sides.  Caesar ordered Quintus to break up the camp and return to their Fort at Baccus.  Caesar needed to recruit more men for his legions.

Aurok chariots race from their hiding spots to attack the Jovian line.

Geteraix's Army lined up for battle.

The VII Legion with 2 skirmishers held in reserve.

Caesars plan here was to deploy his skirmishers in an ambush-counter attack for the chariot in the left forest. While he would lead his cavalry to destroy the other.  Once both were destroyed both his skirmishers and his cavalry would attack the main Aurok line which would be in heavy fighting with the main line of the 7th.

Jovian skirmishers pop out from hiding and hit the Aurok chariots.

The other chariot force brings early casualties to Caesars own bodyguard cavalry.

First loss an element of Jovian skirmishers.

Chariots slam home their attack pushing Caesars command element back into his 2 cavalry elements.

The Auxiliary and skirmishers meet up to attack the Aurok chariot and warband.

Chariot element destroyed.

On the other side of the battlefield the other Jovian Auxiliary force slowly grinds away an Aurok warband.

Final disposition and notes.
Loss of skirmishers does not effect the win or loss tally however they still effect the army's cohesion number.  Much quicker battle, rules still need some tinkering.