Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ancient States Campaign

The bug to start a classical campaign has hit me.  I've decided upon imaginary states to play in the campaign that way I can have a mix of several different factions.  Below is the campaign map along with the imaginary state and their historical equivalent.  The world is called the Aeyrth, the continent is Aeurope.  First campaign year is 300 BCE.  I am still in the planning phase of whether I want to go with 6, 10 or 15mm.

The Jovian Republic = SPQR
Varthage = Carthage
Aegypt = New Kingdom Egyptians
Graecians = Greek City States
Midia = Perisans/Assyrians
Vendush = Indians
Phittites = Sea Peoples
Auroks Barbarians = Gauls/Germans
Hibernian Kelts = Briton Celts
Yberians = Spanish Iberians

Campaign Map of Aeurope as of 300 BCE.

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