Sunday, August 4, 2013

6mm Legatus Test Battle: Sack of Ceargah

First test battle for the working title "Legatus" the ancient version of Brigadier.  6mm miniatures all part of my Imperial Roman Legion and Celtic Army projects.  For the scenario the Roman Tribune Austonian Flavius of the 3rd Cohort, IX Roman Legion was ordered to sack the village of Ceargah and enslave any surviving inhabitants.  This was a punitive operation for the villages continued raids against Roman farms and settlements in Southwest Britannia.  

The Chieftan of Ceargah, Ollo Gar Huk knew the Romans would soon come to punish him. He assembled his men along with warriors from nearby farms and villages.  Soon his scouts warned him of the Roman soldiers marching towards the village.  Ollo deployed his army, confident of their ability to destroy the invaders and plunder their remains.

OOB Elements for the Celts of Ceargah
1  HQ  Chief Ollo Gar Huk and retainers.
2  Chariots
2  Cavalry
3  Skirmishers
6  Warriors

Cohesion #: 14

OOB Elements of the 3rd Cohort, IX Legion
1  HQ  Tribune Austonian Flavius
2  Auxiliary Cavalry
1  Roman Cavalry
9  Roman Legionaires 

Cohesion #: 13

Village of Ceargah

Battlefield upon deployment.

3rd Cohort, IX Legion

Army of Ollo Gar Huk

Legionaires steadfast and fearless.

Celtic warriors athirst for Roman blood and loot.

Turn 1: The armies advance.

Turn 2: Missile fire exchanged.  The Celtic chariots move, shoot and then speed down the line.

Celtic chariot running down the line shooting arrows at the legion.

Units begin to engage in close combat. Fatigue points are starting to show.

Legionaires engage the Celtic chariots in close combat.  The Romans won the combat and forced the chariot into the 2 warrior elements behind them giving all 3 elements each a Fatigue Point.

The Legion machine continues to steam roll across the plain.  Ollo attempted to flank a century of legionaires but his own warriors to his left flank fell back into his position delaying his attack on the century.  Both Ollo and the Celts falling back receive Fatigue Points.

Celtic cavalry wore thin and bloody from battle flee the field.

End of the battle, the surviving Celts are outnumbered almost 2:1 now, Ollo's people are starting to flee.  At least those that can escape, some have been put in chains already, destined for the slave market in  Camulodinium.
This was a fun little battle.  Legatus mechanics seem stable, just need some polishing. Hail Caesar!

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  1. Welcome to the world of rules writing! ...and it looks like it was an interesting game.